Webster's dictionary defines luxury as: "A condition of abundance or great ease and comfort; sumptuous environment; an indulgence in something that provides pleasure or satisfaction." Nowhere does it say that luxury has to cost a lot of money! We tend to think a luxury home is one that costs a half a million dollars or more, but everyone can have a luxurious home with some care and attention; and OK, maybe a little money. But think about the homes you have been in that made you want to stay and relax. They are clean, well-appointed, and up-to-date. Their owners or renters control clutter, decorate as nicely as they can afford to, and make sure that little details are taken care of. Lightbulbs are replaced as soon as they go out, shrubs and grass are trimmed, marks on walls have touch-up paint applied, carpets are regularly cleaned. Someone cares! Abundance doesn't come from spending money; it shows in how well-loved a home is. And having your home in great condition, no matter what it is worth, provides you and your guests with pleasure and satisfaction.